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“They were Reeds. And Reeds didn’t crumble under pressure.” 

On the off-chance you website subscriber peeps do not follow me on Facebook or the Instas, here is your little reminder that THE LEGACY: JAMES is live for you today!

That’s right, the first book in the Culling spinoff series is ready for you to read. You get to see Mr. James Reed again. And he’s not so little this time around. *wink* I don’t have enough words to explain to you what I feel about this book going live. I’m excited. I’m terrified. But more than anything, I’m just ready for you to meet these characters. This year has been hard. This year has tested me in more ways than I could’ve ever seen coming. But this stupid year will not take this from us. Against all odds, JAMES is live.

Happy reading, y'all! ❤ -Tricia Click here for the link to JAMES. *Side note reminder: The Legacy series is a four-book spinoff series to The Culling. The books will be released 12-15 weeks apart. So all four will be out by next summer! And next month is the Locked In launch, the sequel to Snowed In. So don’t you worry, I’ll be back soon. 😉


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