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Enchanted Throne

Enchanted Throne is HERE. Quick link if you need it ➡️

Creating this series and bringing this world into existence has been such a joy. It has been my favorite thing I have written thus far. I love the characters. I love the world. I love where we are going next. I love everything about it.

Yet because of the marketing side of this thing I do, it all just felt a little doomed from the start, if I am being completely honest. Getting hacked and having to start my Instagram entirely over in the middle of a book launch doesn’t exactly bode well for a series. Yet here we are, and the third book is out.

I don’t think I can say thank you enough to those of you who have stuck out these past few months with me. There is a portion of the acknowledgments I wrote for all of you while sobbing profusely at my laptop, and I’d like to put them here as well to make sure you all see them. To my readers. Thank you so much for reading this story. Making the jump from dystopian to fantasy was quite the leap, but a lot of you never even batted an eyelash. I am stunned by your kind words and reviews constantly. Every book I hand over to you, I give you a little chunk of my soul to keep safe, and you all have been found the most trustworthy recipients I could have ever asked for. Whether you’ve been with me since my very first book or only for this series, the sentiment remains. Thank you.

So as I sit here acknowledging the fact that I did it, I met every deadline and got the third book to you on time, and as these reviews are beginning to pour in, I am left with nothing but a grateful heart.

We did it, y’all. Enchanted Throne is here.

Somebody pinch me. Except don’t because that crap hurts. Maybe instead just treat yourself to your beverage of choice and drink it with me today. Celebrate with me.

So… I know, I know. The question I am getting most often now is, “What’s next?” Well. This week I am still doing book launch things and social media shtuff. Next week? Next week I am taking the week off to spend some time with my boys. I’m going to binge read and binge watch at their bedtime instead of working. I may even take a nap or two with the baby man. Next week is about restoring my creative brain after a six-month span that attempted to tear me apart. I may even take a few extra days to hit my prayer journal and just reflect on the chaos of the past few months.

But come April? *Insert slow smile here.* Well. There is another story demanding my attention. And telling this character’s story particularly after the past few months is going to be difficult but also inspiring. All the feels. I’m so ready to get back to Wylan where Enchanted Throne left off. I am so ready to get back to writing. That blinking cursor on my screen. I love it. I truly do. Will this character’s story be just one book? I am not sure as I haven’t opened up my special plotting notebook yet, but I am betting it’ll take two. Hopefully I get those both wrote this year.

And then? Well then it will be the fan-favorite’s turn. *Wink* I never meant for the Enchanted Kingdom series to be just three books. I always intended five. It seems likely it’ll be seven. I’ll keep you posted as we go. And maybe just maybe I’ll squeeze in some time for my secret project for my agent.

So here’s to us. *Raises tea.* Here’s to another book launch. Number thirteen.

And here’s to never giving up. Here’s to rising out of the ashes to chase down your dreams.

They matter. You matter. And you are enough. -Tricia


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