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Merry Christmas Eve-Eve

I am a terrible secret keeper.


Yet somehow so much of what went into this next Enchanted Kingdom book I tucked away and kept secret. I didn’t even want to share too many spoilers.


This book? I wrote this book after my social media accounts were h**ked (forcibly taken over—you can’t use the actual word or more of those vicious people latch onto you) and my career took a slight jaunt backward instead of forward. Well, let’s just say that I felt I could relate to Keir and his wallowing. I took this character we sometimes loved, sometimes slightly hated, on quite the adventure.


I am beyond excited for you to read it.


I was writing the first Enchanted Kingdom book when the idea for this book came slamming in my mind. You see, Cinderella has never been my favorite fairytale.


I tentatively took this idea to one of my best friends. I trust her judgement impeccably. I mapped out the basic plot with her and asked, “Am I trying to do too much in my first fantasy series?” Her answer? It still gives me chills.


“You absolutely have to write this book.”


And it’s almost here. The shortest amount of time you’ve ever had to wait for “something new.” January 1st this beauty goes live. A Beauty and the Beast role reversal of a retelling like you haven’t read before.


Before I forget, I will pop the preorder link in here: Enchanted Queen

And though by tradition I keep these Christmas-Eve-Eve posts short and sweet for you, I just want to say for anyone else that sees results that are not what you want, that sees something you worked so hard for slide backward even if it is out of your control, for anyone who finds themselves at a rock bottom…


Claw for it. One step at a time. Do the next right thing. Dragons were forged in fire and so can you be.


I’ve found the road from rock bottom back up the mountain has many curves and turns, occasionally even some rocks hurtling at your head, but you. can. do. this. I’ll meet you along the way. I don’t know if I will ever get back “there” to the summit, but I know there is beauty to be found on that broken path.  

Thank you for supporting me through the rocks of the past year and a half. My 2024 should bring you both books 4 and 5 of the Enchanted Kingdom series. Meanwhile, I will be writing Owen’s story (book 6) and possibly the second “secret project” book.


May our 2024 be kind to us all. Merry Christmas. Happy Everything.





And without further ado, here is your Christmas present of something “new.” From Chapters 5 and 6 of Enchanted Queen:

“I understand that there is no trust between our countries,” I paused and cocked my head, “but keeping us locked up in cages like animals hasn’t been working either.”

There was a rumble along the floor. And something which sounded suspiciously like a growl.

“I mean you did ask for this,” Amory said on a defeated sigh.

The floor shook with a thump. A chandelier rattled. “Asked for what?”

“To meet with the queen.”

I saw a blur of black out the balcony and some long black talons on the marble flooring, just before Emric and I were tossed at the wall of books, a few falling out over our heads and crashing to the floor. We dangled there, eight or more feet above the ground.

My magic was crawling and burning beneath my skin as I looked up at the green eyes of a creature I had only ever read about in stories.

A dragon.

We were pinned against the wall, one in either palm of the beast before us. I quickly looked around the scales of the dragon, wondering where the queen was. Amory had told us we were about to meet the queen, had she not?

Emric finally found words, his eyes wide. “Holy—” he cut off and inhaled, “biscuits.” He must have remembered John’s warning to us about being on our best behavior.

But holy biscuits indeed.

The dragon then spoke to us, but not out loud. Rather in our minds. Do not speak to me of what it means to be a caged animal.

I didn’t know for sure that Emric had heard her also, but I suspected it all the same. Hearing her voice in my head, however terrifying that was, it all made sense now.We had falsely assumed for years that Dra Skor bonded to some of its creatures. We’d heard whispers of the different creatures for years, though never about dragons. No one from Wylan had ever seen any to confirm it, even when trades were open between our countries.

Dra Skor wasn’t bonded to their creatures; they were the creatures. All these years and we’d had it horribly wrong. They didn’t bond to anything, but instead were able to shift into a different form entirely.

And if the queen was the dragon before us, that likely meant she had been stuck in her dragon form this entire time. For nine years.

Seeing Emric’s red magic burn brighter next to me, both of our magic rushing to the surface to protect, I finally found my voice. “Emric, don’t.” I looked back at our gigantic captor. “We meant no offense, Your Majesty. Truly. Seeing you in this form, I understand how my words were poorly phrased.” I paused and decided to just go for it. “It is nice to finally meet you, Queen Estalena Rhea Mallick.”

I wish I could say the same, Prince Keiran Valanova.

I continued, “Neither my confidant nor I wish to hurt you, Your Majesty, but as you can see, our Enchantment rushes to the surface to protect. I do not wish to accidentally burn you, so if you would be so kind as to put us down.”

Not exactly the first request I thought I would make of the queen of Dra Skor: Please put us down.





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