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Merry Christmas Eve-Eve

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve, everyone!

We made it. As I think on the past year and the fact that I have finally released not one, but two books in the Enchanted Kingdom series, I am left smiling after a year that has thrown a lot at me. You finally get to meet these characters I love. We finally get to talk about things I had to keep a secret for what felt like years. Some days I still cannot believe it.

And just in case you don’t follow me on social media, I want to take a minute to explain here that the Enchanted Kingdom series will be between 4-7 books. At least five. Possibly six. Maybe seven. I don’t know yet because I have been so busy getting these first three books ready to go, I haven’t had the time to start the fourth book yet. However, I should say after the ending of the third book, we are at a bit of a break. The third book should end in such a way that you are not as impatiently waiting for me to hurry up and write books 4 and 5. So what I am (poorly) trying to say here is that book 4 will be from a different character’s perspective, not Jorah’s. 😉

So without further ado, per our running tradition, here is your snippet of something “new” I wrote, or something unpublished anyway. This will be a portion of chapter 1 of Enchanted Throne, book 3 of the Enchanted Kingdom series. So if you haven’t read books 1 and 2 yet, you need to stop reading now. Don’t spoil yourself! Just read those first two books at your own pace. My Christmas gift to you is right here and it’ll stay here and wait for you. And if you are gracious enough to want to “gift” me something in return, an honest review would be most appreciated! I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support this year as I embarked on doing something a little different than usual.

I truly hope you have a merry Christmas and happy everything this year! And if 2022 was a little mean to you too, may it be not nearly as mean for 2023. ♥️


P.S. Here is the link for the first book just in case you need it ➡️

From Chapter 1 of Enchanted Throne

Feeling that buzz which was familiar to me by now, the buzz of his magic, I placed my hand on Krew’s bare chest assuming he was having another dream which was causing his magic to flare.

As soon as I touched his skin, he jolted awake with a start.

I picked my head off the pillow as far as I possibly could this tired, mere inches.

A lazy smile graced his lips as his eyes found mine, but then it fell, his eyebrows reaching for one another immediately.

I gave my head a shake, remembering the rest of the night’s events. We had gotten married. And bonded. Not just bonded, we were evidently soul bonded. So though it was habit by this point, I wasn’t even sure I could calm his magic anymore.

His magic which he had given me all but a drop of.


The worry in his tone had me reaching for the covers and turning to sit up. “Hmm?”

Before I could form a full thought more, I was in his arms and we were moving.

“More sleep,” I managed to mumble. I didn’t know what he had planned, but I needed sleep first.

He sat us on the ledge of the tub and immediately turned the knobs to turn on the water, placing my feet on the ground. We were taking a bath? I wasn’t entirely opposed to that idea, I just wished I had more sleep first.

“Jorah, love,” he said gently. Far too gently.

“What?” My eyes found his steel blue ones.

“Look at your skin.”

I looked down at my hand. My right hand still held the cut from our bonding, though it was almost gone this morning. Next to the cut, pale strands of magic were swirling in my palm and racing along my wrist.

It hadn’t been his magic that had woke me, it’d been my own…


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