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Deciding I needed one more truffle for the night, I popped the third into my mouth, again letting out a content sigh. I looked down at my cleavage for a moment, wondering how I could drop some truffles into my dress and take one home for Mother to try. They were the best things I had ever tasted and dammit if she didn’t deserve one, half melted or not. Plus, then we could figure out how to recreate them once I got home, providing we could get our hands on some cocoa powder.

A cleared throat from next to me had me snapping my attention up. And for the second time tonight, I found myself staring into some steel blue eyes. But now that he was right before me, I noted they looked grayer.

“Jorah, love, you would appear less suspicious if you would at least pretend for even half a moment to be interested in either me or my brother.”

Embarrassment traveled down my spine. Prince Krewan had just caught me looking down my own cleavage, and also apparently knew my name. But also realizing he was trying to scold me and feeling indignation over this entire debacle of a night flare back to life, I decided to take a drink of my water so I didn’t have to respond right away. If for no other reason than to make him wait a little. “Well if I was,” I began, “and I’m certainly not, but it would not be the brother I’m currently looking at.”

Enchanted Kingdom is here. Here is the link for you:

I am overjoyed this week has finally arrived. Overjoyed yet nervous. Switching up genres is intimidating. Having a bunch of traditional publishing editors reject me in the past few months… doubly so. More than once while writing this series I often thought, “What am I doing? I can’t do this.”

Yet here we are.

We take the competition aspect of The Culling and we mix in some new characters and a forest which is acting strangely…

And I just cannot wait for you to read it.

Before you go, I know by this point you know about my penchant for hanging you off a giant cliff and will wonder when the next book in the series is coming out. I cannot officially say but I start my final read through on it next week. I am hoping this winter on another wish day (like 10.10).

I turn 34 tomorrow. I published my first book on my first 29th birthday. I've been doing this for five years, y'all. Thank you for staying with me these past five years, and thank you for giving this new series a chance. I can't wait to hear what you think.

Happy reading to all, and to all a goodnight! 📚♥️


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