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Enchanted Heir

Enchanted Heir is HERE. Even just saying that after the past few months makes me mentally grab for my knees. My social media was “forcibly taken over” in October. “Forcibly taken over” is what I have to use to avoid more forcibly-taker-overers from spamming my stuff. Long story short, as I’m sure most of you know the story by now, whatever they shared was so awful, Facebook kicked me off and deemed the decision irreversible. Which would have been fine for my personal Facebook profile, but there went my work Instagram also. Poof. Gone. It was so rough. In the middle of a book launch is not when you want to find your Instagram back to zero followers. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to not be nervous with social media, but I’ll let you know when I get there. Time heals all wounds, riiiight? But against all odds, all the extra, the book came out.

We had a positive Covid test (or two) in our house. I had to start my Instagram back at zero. My proof book got lost in the mail and took a very weird detour. The hardcover had a minor issue which needed fixed last minute. I can’t even make this stuff up y’all, it was sheer chaos. But the book still came out. I think this time of year in particular it's important to remember that not everything in life comes in a perfectly wrapped package with a bow. Sometimes the box is battered and beaten from a child who throws footballs in the house. Or it’s covered in dog slobber. Or sometimes? Sometimes the king is born in a barn and not a fancy room. But that doesn’t make the value of the gift any less. Imperfections are just a part of this broken world we live in. As I sit here writing this, I know 2022 threw me plenty of rejection and hurts. It’s tested my love for writing for sure. At times I’ve felt so utterly defeated. I’ve felt absolutely torn at. But you know what? Today I’m laughing. Almost evilly so. Because despite all the 700 fires burning, all the chaos, the book still managed to come out on time. And THAT is something worth celebrating. So I’m going to pick up dinner and make some brownies and laugh today. Because as my favorite Bible teacher would tell you, our laughter is a form of protest. And this book? This book has such a huge piece of my soul weaved into the pages of it. When I went to begin writing this series after waiting on it for almost an entire year, most of the notes and comments I had were for this book. The second in the series, not the first. So many important things happen in this book. I know most people approach the second book in a series likes it's mere filler or fluff, but this one I wanted to be jam-packed. I wish I could chitchat with you about my inspiration for the ending without dropping major spoilers, but that will have to wait for another day. I love this book so much and hope you do too. The cover is my favorite of my books. I hope to be back here on Christmas Eve-Eve for our yearly tradition of a new snippet from book 3 for you to read. For today, grab the book. Grab a blanket and a warm drink of choice. And feel free to laugh with me. Against all the odds, despite an obscene amount of chaos, the book is here. 🤍 See you back here in a few weeks! -Tricia Link if you need it: Link to my new Instagram:


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