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I am nervous. I am excited. Somehow in the middle of this crazy life I get to live, I got another book ready for you in 2019.

There will eventually be three in this cozy Christmas series. And my hope is that while I write my YA stuff, which is a bit more of a process than these are to write, you will never have to go longer than a year without a book from me. Much, much less than a year if it’s up to me.

ENJOY! And an early Merry Christmas! Link for book:

If you don’t follow my Facebook page, you might want to soon. I’m gearing up for some giveaways. 😊

And don’t forget my little tradition of giving you a little bit of new stuff for Christmas. Still applies this Christmas. Not sure if I will do a snippet from the next Christmassy book or the spinoff Culling series. Hmmm...

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