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Y’all. It's here!


Somewhere in the madness of the last week, my blog post getting posted on publish day fell through the cracks. In case you don’t follow along on the Facebook page, on March 7th, my son decided to arrive three weeks early… and five days before the launch date! Soooo, it’s been a crazy last week and I am a few days late on the blog post. But it has also been the BEST week everrrrr. Both the book and the boy are here. And I just cannot even. I’ve got feels stacked on top of feels stacked on top of feels. Enjoy, everyone! Eventually, I will get a little sleep and get some giveaways ready for the Facebook page. Until then, read away! THE RECKONING is finally here after the long wait. If you need me, I'll be right here soaking in all the baby cuddles I can get. 😊

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