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Author Q&A-July 27

Less than four days, y'all!! Ho-ly crap.

I had asked on my Facebook page last week for some questions that I would answer to the best of my abilities. I posted the answers on my author Facebook page in a video and am going to post it here too for anyone that doesn't follow me on Facebook.

I'm also going to attach the link to my Facebook page. On Wednesday, PUBLISH DAY, there will be a shareable ad that if you help me share, you can win some free signed copies, bookmarks, and even an amazon gift card. Here is the link to my page if you want in on the action: And don't forget, there's not a lot of summarizing in the second book, so reread if you need to, or do a little refreshing. You have less than FOUR days! Annnd the first book will be on a countdown sale starting July 30th. So if you know of anyone who needs to read the first book before the second book is out, they may be able to snag the ebook for a heck of a deal. I plan to do another author Q&A late August/early September. So email me in your questions or follow me on Facebook. Enjoy!

Eeeeek! It's almost here, peeps! August 1st is almost here!

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