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Merry Christmas!

As I promised on my Facebook post a few weeks ago, as a Christmas present to my dear readers, I am releasing the title of the second book today in addition to a little snippet/teaser of the opening scene, which takes place right exactly where we left off with the first book's ending.

So without further ado. (Drum roll, please.)

Book 2's title is.....The Fracturing.

And here is a bit from the opening scene. So if you haven't finished The Culling, stop reading right this minute!

The Fracturing

Chapter 1

Well. I’ve already killed one person. What’s one more in the grand scheme of things, really?

The minute they enter the small refreshment room, I am flying at Marisol about to beat her to a pulp. Who does she think she is? I have never met a more hateful person in my life.

Venom pulses through her veins. She is a snake. And not the little kind that kind-of-sort-of scares you but is more afraid of you than you are of it. She is the big ugly type, the type that knows it can kill an animal ten times the size of it by simply squeezing it to death and takes great joy in doing so. She is a big, ugly snake, disguised with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and I am going to kick her slimy, slithering, fake-eyelashed butt! My breaking point was about five minutes ago. Maybe five weeks ago, to be honest.

Attie catches me first, before the strong arms of Lyncoln firmly wrap around my waist holding me back.

“Is there an issue here?” Marisol says with fake sweetness.

“Yeah. What did you do to him to get him to do this?” I spit the words at her and look at Henry for the first time. I don’t like what I find there. I can tell he is hurting, but I can also see that he feels guilty.

He should. What on Earth made him do this? Not 24 hours ago, we were kind of dating. I had a deadline and chose Lyncoln. And now he’s with her? HER?!

He hates her as much as I do. I know that. I know that with every fiber of my being.

“I didn’t do anything. He wanted to do this. Didn’t you, honey?” she says sweetly and steps under his arm so it is around her.

I see a quick grimace of disgust cross Henry’s face before he replies, “Yeah.”

“No. He didn’t.” I confidently stare her down. Attie stands with me in silent agreement. Even Knox looks ready to pummel her and he is the least likely to be violent of us all.

Marisol’s face changes like she just realized something, “Oh. Are you having second thoughts about picking Lyncoln?”

Before Lyncoln can stop me I am flying at her again, this time almost making it, but as I am almost within reach, Dougall’s shrill and commanding voice breaks us apart.


Thank you for reading! You guys are the best. BEST. I want you to know I am working my tushy off trying to get this second book to you as soon as possible. And sometime in the near future I hope to post my goals for 2018, which, of course, include getting The Fracturing into your hands.

There you have it, my peeps. I wish to each and every one of you a merriest of Christmas and a happy New Year. May you be surrounded by loved ones and twinkling lights. As you go, here is a picture of a book heart with my very own book. Will it ever not be surreal that I wrote an actual book that y'all can read?? I don't think so.


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