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A Triangular Decision

Dear Peeps,

Love triangles.

Oh my gersh, the words just make me cringe. I always knew I wanted to write for the young adult age range and a love triangle seemed to be commonplace, almost like a prerequisite. I wanted to do it, but I didn't want to do it.

I mean, how much angst and longing can we really stomach? And it seems like the longer the series, the longer the triangle too. I was sick of main characters that could save the entire world using only their left pinky's fingernail but couldn't make a decision between love interests to save their lives. I was tired of plot twists just to delay the "big decision" and get a few more books out of the series. Just no.

But, on the other hand, my plot afforded me a great opportunity to do one my way. And in young adult, errrrbody goes there, so what the heck! From a writer's perspective, it takes some skill to develop a decent love triangle. So I wanted to try it out but NOT make it the premise of the entire series. Nooooope. No ma'am.

So I made myself a rule and that rule was this: under no circumstances would a character in my story be in a love triangle for longer than a book.

That's right. I decided to go there. But I am being upfront and promising you, dearest readers, that it will end. The "big decision" will happen. And there will be some serious fall-out because of it.

For hating love triangles (or maybe only secretively loving them), writing the love triangle was actually a lot of fun. I created two characters I adored. And I knew what the "big decision" would be, yet I had to make it not as obvious. Some of my best writing stemmed from this. I literally had the first draft finished and had to go back through and write it like the decision would go the other way. I got to a point where more than once I contemplated completely changing my mind. That's when I knew I was getting somewhere.

Side note and a public service announcement in advance: these men are not real or based on any people I know. All mah single ladies, I cannot give them your phone number because they exist only in my head. Sorry!

So, dear peeps, consider this your "Love Triangle Treaty" for The Culling series. Yes, there is a love triangle. No, it will not last forever. No, I will not use the love triangle to extend my series a few more books. This is my promise to you.

I just can’t wait to hear whose team you’re going to be on. :)

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