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A Christmas Eve-Eve Tradition ❤

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve and Happy Everything! Truthfully, waiting never really has been my thing. I’m more of an action type of gal. I’m a mom, so I get shtuff done. Constantly. (Even when I really don’t want to.)

So waiting around for something? Ugh. I loathe it. Yet here I find myself. Waiting. Currently I’m waiting for my kids to get over this nasty virus that has had them down for the past two weeks. And with my agent and this new project I’m working on, I know early 2022 will bring me lots more of it. Waiting.

I don’t like it, guys. I just don’t. But I am learning to enjoy the little things within the wait. I am learning there is hope to be found in the wait. I am learning to focus on what matters while I wait. Because if I focus on the waiting itself, I’ll lose my mind and likely drown myself in chocolate. But if I focus on what I can control in the meantime, which is writing more books and being the best mom I can possibly be, then I still have plenty to do. Waiting. *Shivers.* I don’t like it, but it’s just a part of life. We’re all waiting for something, right? So as I try to figure out my 2022 goals amidst all this waiting, I am finding I don’t have it all mapped out like I usually do. I know the audiobooks for the Legacy series will be coming out. I know I want to finish the second fantasy series book, which I only have about three weeks left on. I want to write the third book in the series and close out the chunk with this first character’s POV. (Pssst, there will be five-ish books in the series!) And then depending on my agent needing time to do her thing with the first book in this new series, I don’t really know what the rest of the year looks like.

It is just very, very strange for a planner such as myself to not have the whole year mapped out with tentative release dates and word count goals.

2022 is showing me that it’s really quite simple. Finish a book. Write another. And then next fall, maybe one more. Maybe not. It’s not flashy. It’s not overwhelming. But it is what makes me happiest: the actual writing process. Editing and marketing and social media and all the extra shtuff that comes with the gig? Nah. Give me a blinking cursor and I’ll be happy all day.

With All In finally being out and completing the Snowed In series, there is so much freedom in getting to focus on one series. I get to pour all of my heart and effort into one project. It’s a feeling I haven’t had for three years. And I am so excited (also utterly terrified) to see what this next year brings. I am hopeful. I am scared. And to be clear, I am definitely wincing as I type this. ☺

But what am I up to since both of my series have wrapped up? Well. You guessed it. I’m waiting. Waiting on some better days for my boys. Waiting on some sleep. Waiting on a story.

But I actually think there is a little bit of peace to be found in the wait. It’s not comfortable. It’s not fun. But it’s giving me the ability to step back and do more of what I love to do, which is write.

So for that, I am feeling grateful for this wait. Particularly this time of year, I am comforted by the fact that the world also had a heck of a wait before that baby was laid in a manger. In that case, the wait was more than worth it.

So I’ll wait. I’ll focus on what I can. I’ll breathe. I’ll pray. I’ll write. I have no answers for 2022, y'all, I only know I’ll bring it my best. And if 2022 acts up at all, I’ll somehow force her to give me her best. Because that’s just how I roll.

Before I forget, here is your link for All In if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet. I never got the blog post up for it because I’ve had sick kids most of December. Now. Your tiny little excerpt of something “new” per our running Christmas tradition. Let’s be honest, it’s the only thing I really use this blog for anyway! But hey, I’m not about to fail you. I cannot wait for you to get this story. Unfortunately, I cannot give you all of the story right now, or much at all for that matter, but I can give you this. As my gift to you while we all wait. ❤ These are the opening lines of the first book in my fantasy project:

That something so small could carry such power was unfair. Knowing this letter before me came from the castle, I was hesitant to lay a finger on it. I simply didn’t want it. Had never wanted it. Unfortunately, the privilege of choice was not one I was granted where this flimsy paper was concerned.

I read it once. Twice. Three times. I wanted to crumple it into dust. No, I wanted to burn it. I wanted to bathe myself after reading it, cleaning myself of any dark magic remnants.

Some girls in Wylan had dreamt of this day. Some pined for it and planned for it their entire lives. Me? I resented the hell out of it.

So there you have it! I sincerely hope you have the merriest of Christmases. Stay healthy and sane out there, my peeps. The world seems so chaotic and honestly kind of a dumpster fire currently, and I have no answers other than to find a way to stay you. You’ve made it this far. You’re doing great. I’m here cheering you on. So let’s go. Let’s head into 2022 ready and waiting. Unafraid to chase after the best.



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